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Ancient wizard elders agree there is no better way to work off that third helping of grandpa's stuffed sausage than by all night fist pumping to the musical behemoth that is JUNKPUNCH! That's right Jimmy, in the interest of national health, JUNKPUNCH will be performing at Adam's Beer Garden the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving. Nov. 23 for the layperson. Rockcersize will commence at 9:30 PM and continue until the wee hours of the morning. Rockcersize is similar to jazzercise with less shame on your family. Feel free to wear your unitard and Reebok Freestyle's®.

Past News

Hello everyone. I know its been a while since we last spoke. I know what you're thinking... "One update per month, what is this?" Well, its time we changed that. So how have you been doing? Get in any winter activities in that one week resembling winter? That's good to hear. We're still plugging away working on some new material, making our good songs even better, and sweeping our not-so-good songs further under the rug. Hope all else is going well and that its not too long before we meet again.

Don't forget the show coming up at Adam's Beer Garden on May 11th, and also this year we will once again be the after party entertainment for ILCC Comedy Night. This is the third year in a row! Some people are just gluttons for punishment I tells ya. Comedy Night falls on Cinqo De Mayo so we've been brushing up on our traditional Spanish fingerstyle guitar and growing out them mustaches in preparation.

We are kicking around the idea of throwing our own show this summer so if you are in a band of at least marginal ability and are generally available in the Northern NJ area then feel free to drop us a line and we'll put you on the short list. In pencil.

Junkpunch: Now With Real Banner Action!

Big Junkpunch thanks to everyone who came out to Adam's Beer Garden on Friday night. We had a blast and hope you did as well. There should be some pictures from the night up eventually... We will be returning to Adam's on May 11th so I hope to see some faces from the great crowd we had on the 2nd. Junkpunch now has girly T's for sale! They are available on the merch page or pick one up at a show and score some freebies with your purchase.

Friday, February 2, 2007 @ Adam's Beer Garden in Rockaway, NJ. Junkpunch goes on at 10:00pm. No cover, delicious beer, and more ROCK than you or your grandma can handle. Word on the street is that the second set will consist of Me First and The Gimme Gimme's album "Have A Ball" in it's entirety. If you have any soul in your heart you will be there. Extra chit points of street cred if you rock your JP shirt or buy one that evening. Chit points can be traded in for our new demo EP "Worth the Wait?". Of course if you don't care about cover art you can always download the mp3 files from our media section. You do want to be able to sing along don't you?

Against all of our best judgments we went and recorded some new material. Once again LIVE, RAW and IN YOUR PERSONAL SPACE. The 5 song disk is entitled "Worth the Wait?" and is available for FREE download in it's entirety in the media section along with cover art. There's also corresponding lyrics. Woah! Two classic hits off the disk, 1000 Beers and Don't Talk, are available for streaming on the ol' Myspace streamer effective immediately. We are working on putting together some bar dates right meow so don't go anywhere.

The magic of Junkpunch is once again bottled, canned and prepared for your consumption. Over the weekend we popped into BlackBird and recorded five new song demos. The release is going to be titled "Worth the Wait?" and should be ready soon. Just give us a few days to get some artwork together.

Perhaps you've caught JP at your favorite open mic night lately? We've been making the rounds exposing ourselves to the people... so far with no arrests! We have some studio time booked for early December and should be able to bang out our new hits on wax in time for the holidays. Check back often because it's only a matter of time before some forward thinking tastemaker books us for an enchanted evening that you won't want to miss.

Ahoy Mates! Another year another Columbus Day. It's my favorite Federal Holiday in October. Junkpunch is going to celebrate the discovery of the new world (How it's considered "new" when there were already people here is beside the point) by putting the final touches on some new material. Look for such hits as "Perfect", "Great Idea", and "Don't Talk" in the not too distant future. Currently, we're cruising around the Morris County area looking at open mic nights as an avenue to bring our music to the people. The basement cannot hold us much longer...

Gosh darn this summer is just flying by. We want to thank all of the fans who came to Meat Fantasy Weekend and a special thanks to those who had the chutzpah to compete. In case anyone was wondering, 50% of JP came in the top 3. That should show you the kind of dedication we bring to the table, whether it be for rocking or even meat based competitions. We'll have photos up soon in the gallery. Junkpunch has been working on new material and will be rolling it out live over the next few weeks so be on the lookout for us to pop up at a club near you.

It seems like a great time was had by all at Murphy's on the 8th. Thanks to everyone that came out to support (and party with) us. It's nice to see that JP fans can show up in force on a Tuesday night to scare the crap out of everyone. We'll probably go back sometime next month with a new set of songs to try out so check back often for dates. In the meantime we will be playing at 45 East Shore's Annual "Meat Fantasy Weekend" on the 26th. It's going to get crazy so hold onto your sweetbreads...
Don't forget - the "Merch Non-contest" is still on. If you want your photo on our merch page (who doesn't?) just follow the instructions in the post below.

07/07/06 - T-shirt Excitement!
Another 4th of July is behind us and at last count JP still has all 36 fingers. To celebrate a hospital-free Independence Day we are having a T-shirt non-contest! Send a photo of yourself strutting in (or near) a Junkpunch shirt and we will post it on our merch page. Extra points for style. Click the link to see what others including the infamous Pirate Washington have done. Email all photos to with the subject merch non-contest. If you have yet to aquire a JP-Tee then hurry up and order one! We take credit cards and everything so there is no excuse.

Well for those of you who missed the ILCC Comdedy Night I say shame on you. Not only were the comedians hilarious but Junkpunch brought the house down with their musical comedy of errors. Since comedy night we also played at the first and only annual Memorial Day "I Junkpunched West Milford Fest" with opening act margaRITA. Surprisingly, the police came only once. T-shirt sales are going strong, order them from the merch section while they last, and be sure to check out our photo album to see pics from the last few shows.

We have been busy little Betty Beavers preparing for the ILCC Comedy Night Show. There are new T-shirt sizes available in the merch section. Also, cover art is out for "It's a Junkpunch Christmas". Check back soon for new show dates and merch!

03/12/06 - EP RELEASE!
What the!?! We finally have recorded music for your listening pleasure. That's right, we spent some time in the studio and captured Junkpunch live, fierce and in your face. No fancy post production, no layers and layers of tracks, just one take and one #1 hit in the bank. So if you're feeling particularly brave head on over to our media section and indulge yourself with the one and only It's a Junkpunch Christmas EP ...cover art coming soon.

Hey Bub, Here's a quick Junpdate! We are once again the after-party entertainment for the Indian Lake Comedy Night on 05/06. There will be three professional comedians followed by a very unprofessional band (us). Also, as you may have heard the EP release was pushed back due to some scheduling snafu's with the studio. Look for a release in mid-March. Don't forget - BUY SOME JP WEAR TO COVER YOUR BACK HAIR.

An open letter from Junkpunch:

Dear fan(s),
I know how much you both were anticipating the "It's a Junkpunch Christmas" EP studio release. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are at this time unable to provide you with the succulent Junkpunch sound you've been craving. This hurts us just as much as it hurts you. Junkpunch has rescheduled time at the studio, and to make it up to you, we are going to record TWO (2) more songs than were planned for the original session. That's 50% more songs. Think of the value! No really, its the least we could do. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


What was that? You wanted an easy and painless way to keep up with all things Punchable? Well then young lady just drop us a line and let us know that you want to be on the mailing list. You'll be among the first to know when we play the Garden, open for the Beatles or plan any of the other exciting events we have in mind for the new year.

Ok - here's a small update to fill our fans in on some upcoming JP happenings. First off- we now have T-shirts available. Look for a merch link appearing soon but if you can't wait until we figure that out, use the "contact" link to drop an email request. We'll throw some photos of the shirts up soon. Use the new MERCH section to buy our stuff!
Second off- Look for video clips appearing soon in the "Media" section. VIDEO is up! We got some great footage from the "I JP'd Thanksgiving" show and it's finally been digitized for internet consumption. Delicious!
Third off- We mentioned our upcoming studio time in a previous post but I just have to mention it again. We'll be recording live in studio, this means no fancy post production, just pure Junkpunch, but this time with proper leveling!
Last off- JP will most likely be playing the ILCC Comedy Night after party again. If you missed last year this may be the chance to redeem yourself. Final negotions are still under way so this is subject to change.
Stay tuned to for the freshest, meatiest, most USDA Approved® content in the world.

01/18/06 - Junkpunch Cares!
Many of you have pondered the question:
Would Junkpunch help me in my time of need?
Well, deep down in your heart you already know the answer, but the guys have always been on a mission to leave no doubt. When faced with the prospect of eating breakfast on time or helping a stranded motorist, Junkpunch is no Radiohead (in a lot of ways) and won't leave you "High and Dry". The fellas pitched in to make a marooned man's journey to meet his son a little smoother. Except for our bassist, who selfishly was in Detroit. JP has reserved some studio time for mid-February. Keep the hope alive for an impending release (musical in nature).

Junkpunch wishes all their fans a Merry Kwanzaa and a Good Solstice. To celebrate we have added a pictures section. Access it under "Media", Huzzah! More photos are coming soon so check back often, and leave a note in the guestbook for goodness sake!

THE RUMORS ARE FALSE! There has been speculation around the industry that in an effort to be more politically correct the band was going to rename the upcoming EP "It's a Junkpunch Christmas" to "It's a Junkpunch Holiday Season". Quite frankly, that is BS. If there is one thing Junkpunch stands for it's artistic integrity. Junkpunch has and always will be equal opportunity. Heck, we even let someone from Connecticut in the band. But changing the name of the album is over the line. "It's a Junkpunch Christmas" will be out eventually. Wear a cup.

The only excuse for missing the Thanksgiving show was a debilitating brain injury because not only did JP play every song featured on the upcoming EP "It's a Junkpunch Christmas", but the ensuing dance party lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Further upping the ante of good citizenship, free earplugs were distributed to all members of the audience which JP gladly signed upon request. Thanks to all in attendance! Stay tuned to see when you will be able to catch the punch again and for EP release news.

It's a JUNKPUNCH Thanksgiving! On 11/26 the fellas will be playing a private party. Word on the street is they will be debuting new material so start harassing anyone you know who might be able to score an invite. Also, lyrics have been added to the "Media" section. Now you can do more than just hum along!

The guestbook is up. Drop a line or punch the junk.
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The new is officially launched! Check back regularly for updates. Music downloads are coming soon!

The components have arrived. Barring any more equipment setbacks, the boys will be back in the studio this weekend. Cover your ears.

History is on hold as JP awaits a key component in their "new" all-digital studio. Lead the way, Musicians Friend. Submissions for the naming of the new studio will be accepted shortly. Check back soon for more info.

The target release date for "Its a Junkpunch Christmas" is currently set for November 20th sometime in the next few months. Just Perhaps in time for the holiday season as that perfect stocking stuffer for that special someone. If for some chance the album is not ready, await until further notice. Hey, at least it will beat Chinese Democracy to the shelves.